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The Family Guy Character Robert Downey Jr. Voiced Before He Became Iron Man

Tony Stark's fate in "Avengers: Endgame" broke fans' hearts, but Iron Man's legacy owes so much to not only Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely's screenplay, but even more to Robert Downey Jr.'s immaculate performance. Stark's final confrontation with Thanos (Josh Brolin), Downey Jr. was electric, and the actor gave the shocking climax tremendous gravitas.

Before suiting up as the Marvel Comics hero, Downey Jr. was already decades deep into his prodigious profession. Downey Jr. played small but memorable roles in "Weird Science" and "Back to School." He then gave a riveting yet heartbreaking performance as Julian in "Less than Zero," which turned out to be one of the biggest moments that transformed Robert Downey Jr.'s life. Downey Jr. has also been nominated for two Academy Awards: "Chaplin" (Best Actor) and "Tropic Thunder" (Best Supporting Actor).

However, Downey Jr. humbly reflected on his time as the leader of the Avengers. "I really just got to be the front man in a band that was going to be in the hall of fame no matter what," Downey Jr. said in an interview on The Howard Stern Show. The actor has done it all during his tenure in Hollywood, but you might be surprised about his trip to Spooner Street. Do you know which "Family Guy" character Robert Downey Jr. voiced before he became Iron Man?

Downey Jr. terrorizes Quahog as the Fat Guy Strangler

Downey Jr. voiced a long-lost relative of Lois Griffin (Alex Borstein) in Season 4's "The Fat Guy Strangler," which is one of the 30 best "Family Guy" episodes, but he might be hiding an important piece of information from the family: He's a serial killer! Yes, Lois reunited with the older brother she'd forgotten all about from her childhood, Patrick Pewterschmidt (Downey Jr.), but he has been confined in the Brookfield Insane Asylum for all those years. Nevertheless, their reunion truly seemed a joyous one.

Patrick claimed he was locked away because of a trauma he experienced when he caught his mother in her bedroom with actor Jackie Gleason. Lois initially thought Patrick wasn't dangerous, but she changed her tune when Patrick introduced his imaginary wife, Marion, to the family. Meanwhile, the city of Quahog was suddenly plagued by a serial killer who targeted and strangled fat guys! Once Brian (Seth MacFarlane) accused Patrick of the crimes, Peter (MacFarlane) and his fat-guy coalition chased Patrick into James Woods.

Fortunately, Lois' brother finally realized he must return to Brookfield. Much to Patrick's chagrin, Peter decided that was the perfect moment for him to do his impersonation of Jackie Gleason, and he shouted in his brother-in-law's face repeatedly, "pow right in the kisser!" Patrick screamed in terror as Peter's impression triggered the sordid recollections of his mother and Gleason, but Peter was utterly oblivious to the effect his words were having on Pewterschmidt.