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The Wild She-Hulk Theory That Connects Madisynn King To Moon Knight

Madisynn King. The hero we didn't know we needed. Patty Guggenheim delivered a stellar performance in "She-Hulk: Attorney at Law" Episode 4 as everyone's favorite drunk, unphased "Sopranos" fan. Madisynn has done things most of us cannot fathom, like transporting through different dimensions and growing up in Fort Lauderdale.

"She-Hulk" lead writer Jessica Gao might not have known what a sensation Madisynn would become overnight, but the character has certainly been at the center of discussion since Episode 4 aired. And with this discussion comes the cry for spinoffs and the proposition of ridiculous theories. While some "She-Hulk" viewers campaign for a Madisynn and Wong (Benedict Wong) spinoff where the duo breaks down the best television dramas of all time, some are theorizing she's connected to "Moon Knight." But, it goes a bit further than that, as this connection will loop Madisynn into a very popular "WandaVision" theory that never panned out. Yup, that one.

Madisynn's new pal Jake might be connected to Moon Knight

In Episode 4 of "Moon Knight," a mysterious goat appears to watch over Steven (Oscar Isaac) and Layla (May Calamawy) at the entrance to a tomb. While we never got answers on why this goat was watching over the duo, we're sure there was a reason for his inclusion in the episode. Flashforward to "She-Hulk" Episode 4, and Madisynn is on the stand at Donny Blaze's (Rhys Coiro) hearing. She tells the court she got out of the fire land by making a pact with a demon, who threatened to reap her soul and the souls of everyone she loves.

Madisynn then says she thinks the demon's name is Jake, and her time on the stand is done. It seems like no big deal, right? Flashforward again to the credits, and there's a drawing of Madisynn and a goat with a nametag that reads "Jake." He's holding a document in his mouth, which she signs, and this goat looks pretty similar to the one from "Moon Knight." The theory, pitched by a Twitter user, is that Jake the goat is Mephisto. The cartoon drawing in the post-credits sees Jake with blood-red eyes and pointy horns, but at this point, we wouldn't be surprised if Marvel Studios was just trolling us.

But perhaps there's something to it. Maybe Mephisto has been parading as a goat for quite some time, collecting souls of obscure MCU characters before he makes his big debut.