The Untold Truth Of Deadliest Catch

elliott neese's drug problems

Captain Elliott Neese suddenly left the show after Season 11 amid tabloid rumors about his drug issues. He has been in and out of rehab facilities several times since his time on "Deadliest Catch."

freddy is a fighter

 Feleti "Freddy" Maugatai got into a fight with a couple inside a hotel bathroom. He was later fired for something not related to his incident with the couple.

jake harris' deadly games

 Jake Harris has not done well outside of the show. He has been arrested multiple times, including once for a robbery that also resulted in a cracked skull. Captain Derek Ray also believed Harris was using drugs while they were at sea.

joshua tel warner's criminal behavior

 When he wasn't on the show, Joshua Tel Warner was busy plotting bank robberies. He was suspected of at least three separate incidents before police saw him on "Deadliest Catch" and matched his face to their description.

a producer trafficked drugs

 One of the members of the management team on "Deadliest Catch," Matthew Schneider, was arrested for cocaine distribution and usage. He was busted when he sold some of the drug to an undercover officer, and 18 other show employees are arrested in connection.

the hillstrands disappeared

 Jonathan and Andy Hillstrand were offered a spin-off show by Discovery, but they went AWOL toward the end of production. They were also ordered to pay damages to a crew member who was injured after an incident involving fireworks.

sig hansen's abuse accusation

 Sig Hansen has a daughter who accused him of sexual abuse. Charges were never filed due to a lack of evidence, but the relationship with his ex-wife continues to haunt him to this day.

alaska doesn't like the show

 Even as the show remains popular, the setting of "Deadliest Catch" has had enough. Discovery's financial power has made it obvious that the dangers of crab fishing are not worth the minimal pay the job fetches.

sig hansen's behavior

Sig Hansen's problems don't end with his marriage. He was arrested after spitting on an Uber driver and kicking the side of the car door, leaving a visible dent. He later apologized on Twitter and said he was embarrassed. 

the murder of a producer

 Joseph McMahon, a producer of "Deadliest Catch," was shot and killed outside his home. The suspect was later found dead from a suicide by what could have been the same gun. No relationship between the two men was ever determined.

the crew skips crabmeat

 After surrounding themselves all day with crabs, it shouldn't be much of a shock to learn that the crew doesn't indulge in eating their catches. Sig Hansen described the crew's diet as "horrible" and says there is no eating schedule.

the life of a camera operator

 The camera operators have almost as difficult of a job as the fishing crew of "Deadliest Catch." They have to stay on the boat for the entire duration of the voyage, which could take up to five weeks. 

climate change is here

 Thanks to the results of climate change, the show has needed to make adjustments. The rising temperature of the water has forced crabs to more into new territory, making the fishing journey even more dangerous.

another captain death

 Blake Painter, who was in charge of the F/V Maverick, was found dead at his home in May 2018. He already had issues with substance abuse, and investigators found prescription drugs in his home.

not the deadliest catch

 Although the show is called "Deadliest Catch," there's another place where the danger factor is higher. The Dungeness industry has no Coast Guard requirement, and pretty much anyone can try to catch crabs there, unlike the Bering Sea.

some slight faking

 Being a reality show, the producers have taken some liberties with the events you see on your screen. During one storyline, a ship in danger of sinking was filmed a month apart from the waves featured in the same episode.

jerod sechrist in court

 Jerod Sechrist was arrested for reckless driving, and when he was processed, they found heroin on him. He was arrested again just about a month later for stealing merchandise from IKEA.

jason king's day with the feds

 Jason King attracted the attention of several government agencies, including the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Explosives. Investigators found 14 pounds of marijuana and a gun, which resulted in over four years of prison.

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The untold truth of deadliest catch