The untold truth of ncis

the show's title was redundant

Originally, "NCIS" was nothing more than a spin-off of its parent show, "JAG." CBS originally called it "Navy NCIS" to avoid confusion with "CSI," but this was later changed, as the "N" already stands for "Naval."

The show's creator was fired

Donald Bellisario and Mark Harmon did not get along, and this never got any better. In fact, Harmon got the show's creator fired after the network decided the star was more important.

ncis: los angeles started a lawsuit

"NCIS" was guaranteed to get a spin-off at some point, but the creation of "Los Angeles" came with a huge legal headache. Donald Bellisario was supposed to make the first spinoff, but after he was fired, Shane Brennan did it instead. 

pauley perette made a twitter mess

When Cote de Pablo had to suddenly leave the show in 2013, Pauley Perrette tweeted a photo of herself wearing a shirt that said "I love my job." This set off a civil war between "NCIS" fans before de Pablo asked Perrette to stop discussing the situation.

perrette uses her voice

Pauley Perrette is no stranger to drama, but she also makes the best of bad situations. She has openly discussed her history with domestic violence and regularly advocates for homeless rights, even after getting attacked by a homeless man.

ncis: red almost happened

Another team was introduced in a two episodes of "NCIS: Los Angeles," and the show was going to be called "NCIS: Red." However,  CBS was not impressed, and they passed on ordering another series.

don johnson almost starred

Can you imagine "NCIS" without Mark Harmon? It was nearly a reality, as the role of Gibbs was first offered to Don Johnson. However, Johnson turned it down, and supposedly, Scott Bakula of "NCIS: New Orleans" also passed.

Britian loves ncis movies

British TV has a habit of chopping up episodes of NCIS and pasting them together as movies. Some of the "films" are known as "NCIS: War on Terror" and "NCIS: Judgment Day."

diane neal speaks out

Diane Neal guest starred on the show in 2015 and decided to go on a Twitter tirade about the working conditions on the set of "NCIS." She later apologized and deleted the tweets, but the internet never forgets.

michelle obama appeared

The former First Lady appeared on the show to promote an endeavor known as "Joining Forces," which aimed to show support to active military members, along with veterans and their families.

the real reason michael weatherly left the show

Once Cote de Pablo left the show, Michael Weatherly figured it was time for him to look elsewhere. He started a production company before taking the lead role in "Bull," another CBS show.

callbacks and references galore

There's plenty of material in "NCIS" that only superfans will notice. Mark Harmon's son appeared on the show as Gibbs' son, and at one point, Gibbs tells Ducky that the doctor looked like another David McCallum character.

sasha alexander wanted out

Sasha Alexander was part of the show's original lineup, but the working schedule for "NCIS" caught up to her. She pleaded with Donald Bellisario to get out of her contract, and after the network agreed, her character was killed. 

gibbs is a tough character to write

Mark Harmon is always front and center, but that makes things difficult for writers because of his lack of frequent dialogue. In some cases, writers will need to go over a whole scene to figure out if any dialogue for Gibbs is necessary.

The ingredients of caf-pow

Abby Sciuto was rarely seen without a giant cup of Caf-Pow in reach. When filming, Pauley Perrette filled the cups with unsweetened cranberry juice.

lauren holly's departure

Lauren Holly was only supposed to appear on "NCIS" for six episodes, but after Jenny Shepard's first appearances, she stuck around for three seasons. Holly eventually left out of boredom and wanting to take on other projects.

ncis has a big universe

"NCIS" is only the beginning for several characters. Gibbs started on "JAG" before appearing on the main "NCIS" show and has also guest starred on the "Los Angeles" and "New Orleans" spinoffs. Mark Harmon also popped up on "Family Guy."

The most wanted list has some real members

"NCIS" HQ has a wall full of those who pose a real threat to the United States. Some of the photos come from real-world criminals, like Osama bin Laden, but Donald Bellisario's face also appears on the list.

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The untold truth of ncis