The Untold Truth Of Criminal Minds

Thomas gibson and the boot

Thomas Gibson apparently didn't agree on something with co-executive producer and writer Virgil Williams. Gibson kicked Williams in the shin, and Gibson was fired a few days after issuing an apology.

mandy patinkin trashes the show

Mandy Patinkin has made a habit of quitting shows prominently featuring him. He claimed that the consistently dark material of the show affected his mental health, but that didn't stop him from moving to other violent material.

paget brewster and a.j. cook were fired

Supposedly, the two actors were fired due to budget cuts, but Paget Brewster had a different story. The network was accused of demanding younger women for the show, and after fans complained, Cook returned.

Thomas gibson was catfished

Thomas Gibson thought he was talking to an adult film star on Twitter. It turned out to be a fan in disguise, who then shared the chat and a completely embarrassing hot tub video from Gibson. 

The casting director is open for business

Scott David, the casting director for the show, was outed for running a "pay to play" acting workshop for "Criminal Minds." When the story broke, the production company fired him.

matthew gray gubler needs a boost

Mathew Gray Gubler got a little too enthusiastic while dancing and dislocated his knee before Season 5. He needed crutches, so they wrote it into the show by having Spencer take a bullet to the leg.

two failed spin-offs

There were two attempts at spin-off shows for "Criminal Minds." The first was "Suspect Behavior," a midseason replacement that only lasted 13 episodes. The second, "Beyond Borders," managed to double that with 26 episodes before cancellation.

shemar moore's charity scandal

Shemar Moore was friends with Keith Tisdell, a guest star from Season 8. Tisdell took a position at Moore's charity, Baby Girl LLC, but an audit showed that Tisdell stole $61,000 from its funds. He pled no contest for grand theft and was ordered to repay the money.

falling out of love

Although she became a series regular, some fans were not pleased about Jennifer Love Hewitt joining "Criminal Minds." She didn't stick around for very long thanks to a pregnancy.

The show isn't even close to accurate

Most of what we see on the show is fictional compared to the real Behavior Analysis Unit at the FBI. It stays in the office, a case can take months of research, and a small fraction of agents are included in the unit.

kristen vangsness writes a lot

Kristen Vangsness has co-written three episodes of the show on top of directing several others. The writing crew usually expects her to rewrite most of Penelope's phone conversations.

"baby girl" was an improv moment

Morgan and Garcia are constantly flirting, but it came out of a spontaneous line. He threw in "baby girl" on a whim, and it stuck so well that they kept it in almost all of their conversations.

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The untold truth of criminal minds