The untold truth of american pickers

danielle's multiple roles

Danielle Colby, the host of "American Pickers," does much more than dig through trash. She's still active as a burlesque dancer, and she also produced a documentary about Tempest Storm, a well-known performance artist in the genre.

danielle's irs woes

With all of her responsibilities, Danielle has, at times, forgotten to pay her taxes. The IRS audited her in 2013 for almost $6,000, and she still hadn't paid her share by the time the feds sent her an additional four notices.

danielle's dedication

She may be the host, but Danielle knows her way around a junk heap. She has a massive collection of costumes dating back to the 19th century, and she never misses the chance to name-drop someone who wore or designed an outfit she finds.

veteran pickers

Mike Wolfe and his crew have been at this for a while. Mike first sold a bike for $5 when he was a child, and that inspired him to look for more ways to turn something into a profit. He also made a habit of lifting old bikes from farmers and making big bucks.

closeted pickers?

Frank doesn't talk about his life much, and despite Mike constantly mentioning his girlfriend-turned-wife, Jodi, some people were convinced that Frank and Mike were a couple. Frank eventually opened up a bit more and began publicly sharing pictures of his girlfriend.

starting the next generation

Mike Wolfe isn't going to let picking become an extinct career option. He wrote a children's book called "Kid Pickers: How to Turn Junk into Treasure," and he started a website with the same title. 

mike's not in it for the fame

Mike is happy with how the show exploded in popularity, but he never intended to become a celebrity. He thinks of people like Hobo Jack and Prince Mongo as the true stars of the show, and he continues to show humility to loyal viewers.

operation smile

Mike has a daughter named Charlie, who was born with cleft lip and palate. She had surgery to fix the issue, and Mike became an ambassador for Operation Smile, a nonprofit providing the same type of surgeries for free to kids around the world.

hobo jack the artist

Hobo Jack isn't just a regular character on the show. He's recorded five albums, featuring his own work on the guitar and piano, and has published three books. 

mayor mongo?

Despite only one appearance on the show, Prince Mongo left a major impression. He has attempted to run for mayor of Memphis several times, dating all the way back to 1991.

mole man's leech

Although he only appeared once in the first season, Mole Man Ron was popular enough for exploitation. A Pittsburgh yard sale promoted an appearance by him, but sadly, Mole Man never showed up.

frank's financial follies

"American Pickers" is built on the idea of making a profit, but Frank has taken things to the extreme. Jerry Bruce from South Carolina offered to buy a polarimeter from Frank, but after the check was sent, Frank ghosted the buyer. Frank lost a $1000 lawsuit as a result.

global pickers

The show has become popular enough to launch several other versions across the globe. Canada and Australia aired their own takes on "American Pickers" that lasted four and two seasons, respectively.

mike isn't a dedicated picker

Although he spends most of his time knee-deep in the dirt, Mike doesn't leave much clutter in his home. He's committed to a clean house and also maintained a well-kept retail space in Le Claire, Iowa.

mike has moved up

The success of "American Pickers" and the profits he's reaped from the sales helped Mike to relocate. His family now makes their home in the suburbs of Nashville, where he lives on a 32-acre estate and keeps a collection of several dozen motorcycles.

mike the history buff

Mike wants to preserve things for the future. On top of his children's book, he pitched an idea for a kid-friendly TV show to networks and partnered with the Smithsonian for a student contest across the nation.

mike's other ventures

Although they're always cutting a deal, most of Mike's financial success comes from outside the show. He invested into a renovated car manufacturing plant in Nashville, which is now home to a brewery, coffee shop, and several photography studios.

frank isn't as ambitious

Mike has plenty of irons in the fire, but Frank prefers a simple life. He has stated that he has no plans to expand into any retail locations and will probably run his '86 Ford Ranger into the ground.

a "reality" show

Many people are convinced that "American Pickers" is staged and nothing more than a glorified reality show. However, Mike insists that everything is authentic, despite allegations that the show is overly produced.

behind the music

The theme song for "American Pickers" originated with a band named Reckless Sons. A snippet of their song was discovered by Jared Gustadt, who also helped to make the theme song for "Pawn Stars."

the end is near

Mike has gone on the record as saying that he doesn't want to do the show forever. No matter how long "American Pickers" stays on the air, he intends to keep digging for finds while spending more time with his family.

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the untold truth of american pickers