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natalie portman  Thor: The dark world

"Thor: The Dark World" swapped Natalie Portman for Elsa Pataky, Chris Hemsworth's IRL wife. This would explain why that kiss during the credits was extra steamy. Pataky was given the same outfit as Portman and looked exactly like Jane Foster.

paul walker
furious 7

"Furious 7" was nearly halfway finished before Paul Walker died in a car accident. His two brothers, Cody and Caleb, volunteered to finish his scenes with the help of WETSS, the same studio behind the "Lord of the Rings" and "Planet of the Apes" effects.

brandon lee
the crow

Brandon Lee was the victim of an accident on the set of "The Crow" when he was shot with a dummy round from a prop gun. To finish the film, Lee's stunt double, Chad Stahelski, was used in combination with special effects for Lee's face, and another double completed action scenes.

harrison ford
indiana jones and the temple of doom

After a nasty back injury put Harrison Ford on the shelf for weeks, director Steven Spielberg took advantage of the fact that Ford and his stunt double, Vic Armstrong, looked exactly alike. Some scenes in "Temple of Doom" were shot without using Ford at all.

jennifer aniston

During the last season of "Friends," the production team neglected to remove Jennifer Aniston's stand-in from a shot. As a result, you can clearly see that it's not Aniston standing next to Matt Leblanc.

oliver reed

Oliver Reed's death in 1999 caused the writers for "Gladiator" to have to redo the film's ending. Pieces of his performance were selected from outtake footage, and a body double was then used after digitally attaching Reed's face.

bruce lee
game of death

Bruce Lee had shot about 40 minutes of this movie before he died. Because the film's plot was still up in the air, the producers were able to use older film footage from Lee's other movies and even some video from Lee's funeral. 

michael pitt

Michael Pitt opted to not return to a third season of "Hannibal" as Mason Verger, which required a recasting. Joe Anderson took over the role, and although he and Pitt look nothing alike, Hannibal convinces Mason to chop off his own face, eliminating the visual disparity.

nicholas brendon
buffy the vampire slayer

Nicholas Brendon's twin brother, Kelly Donovan, appeared in the Season 5 episode, "The Replacement." Brendon's wife had trouble telling them apart on set, and Donovan once replaced Brendon for another episode, "Intervention," when Brendon caught pneumonia.

crispin glover
back to the future part ii

Crispin Glover refused to return to the "Back to the Future" series, so he was recast with Jeffrey Weissman. Makeup and prosthetics cast from Glover's face in the first film were used on Weissman in the sequel, resulting in a lawsuit and new Screen Actors Guild rules.

gene hackman 
superman ii

After director Richard Donner was replaced by Richard Lester, Gene Hackman refused to accept Lester's reshoots and stopped coming to the set. The filmmakers needed to use body doubles and voice impersonators to finish "Superman II."

josh pence
the social network

Armie Hammer may get most of the credit for playing Cameron and Tyler Winkle, but it was mostly Hammer's face that got digitally pasted on Josh Pence's body. They attended a "twin boot camp" to pick up on each twin's particular traits.

josh dallas
thor: the dark world

Josh Dallas was the third choice to play Fandral in the first "Thor," but when it came time for the sequel, Dallas had to commit to "Once Upon a Time." Zachary Levi, the first pick for the role, took over, and the facial hair helped to mask the change.

penelope cruz
pirates of the caribbean: on stranger tides

Penélope Cruz got pregnant during the film's production, so the producers went to her sister, Mónica, for the perfect body double.

shemp howard
the three stooges

Shemp Howard died of a heart attack, but that didn't stop the producers of "The Three Stooges" from fulfilling his contract. They combined archive footage with new scenes that shot Joe Palma, a supporting actor on the series, from behind or with his face obscured.

The whole cast
the evil dead

Director Sam Raimi was working on a razor-thin budget, which meant nobody could keep the same schedule. Nearly 20 stand-ins were needed for the original "The Evil Dead" throughout its production.

lena headey
game of thrones

Cersei's infamous walk of shame used a seamless combination of shots. Lena Headey's body double handled all the full-body nudity, while Headey's material zoomed in on her facial expressions to convey the emotion of the scene.

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