Terrible Scenes That Nearly Destroyed The Entire Movie

The matrix reloaded

That fight scene between Neo and a few hundred Agent Smiths should have been epic, but the blatantly obvious CGI takes all the fun away. It didn't hold a candle to the effects of the original "Matrix."

The dark knight rises

"My legal name." John Blake's revelation that his actual name is "Robin" is silly and flies in the face of all logic. If he had said "Dick," "Jason," or "Tim," this would have made a bit more sense.

Star wars: revenge of the sith

"Revenge of the Sith" was arguably the strongest of the prequel trilogy, but after he learns of the supposed fate of his wife and children, Darth Vader bellows out a "NOOOO!" that has taken its place in "Star Wars" history.

lord of the rings: the return of the king

"The Return of the King" takes its time getting to the actual ending, and one of the scenes is over the top for the wrong reasons. The Hobbits jumping up and down on the bed in slow motion is just bizarre.

star wars: a new hope special edition

Greedo shoots first. Utter those words and somewhere, a "Star Wars" fan will clutch their chest in agony. George Lucas' decision to insert different camera shots into this special edition effectively ruined a pure film.

star Wars: Return of the jedi special edition

The "Star Wars" meddling continues with the special edition of Episode VI. What used to be a nerve-wracking piece of music in the beginning of the film is now replaced with "Jedi Rocks," which will haunt your dreams long after you've heard it.

live free or die hard

John McClane is capable of many things, but this is a stretch. In "Live Free or Die Hard," he somehow manages to take down an F-35 jet with the help of some very convenient structural engineering decisions. 


"Watchmen" is faithful to a fault, including Zack Snyder's interpretation of a love scene between Silk Spectre and Nite Owl. However, we could have done without the inclusion of "Halllelujah" by Leonard Cohen. Incredible song but totally unnecessary.

jurassic park: the lost world

As preposterous as the rest of the series is, few moments were as off the wall a Dr. Ian Malcolm's daughter, Kelly, decides to engage in melee combat with a velociraptor. Her gymnastics training helps her kick the dinosaur through a window.

die another day

Before Daniel Craig rebooted the series, "Die Another Day" was James Bond at its peak for camp value. Pierce Brosnan's 007 managed to surf on arctic water, and we haven't even mentioned the invisible car.

indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull

How do you survive a nuclear detonation? If you're Indiana Jones and have survived three other films, you hide inside a refrigerator. This was ridiculous and out of place in an already crazy series.

Transformers: revenge of the fallen

Nobody expects a "Transformers" movie to be high art, but Skids and Mudflap dragged this series into a new level of ridicule. Michael Bay tried to blame the racist characterizations on the voice actors, but nobody was convinced.

spider-man 3

While this film may not be the most well-remembered of all the "Spider-Man" incarnations, watching Peter Parker dance at the jazz club looks more like a bad parody than part of a trilogy's conclusion.


The crash sequence in "Prometheus" puts out the fires of what could have turned into a brilliant addition to the "Alien" saga. At this point, the characters have sealed their own fate.

man of steel

Superman is typically known as one who stands up for ideals and justice. This is why it was so jarring to see the same character in "Man of Steel" violently snapping the neck of Zod. Even after some of the beats in the "Dark Knight" trilogy, this was a shocking moment.

remember me

Robert Pattinson's character needed to die, but this is how they chose to kill him? The use of 9/11 as a plot twist in "Remember Me" is a copout on an unbelievably tasteless scale and ruins an otherwise sweet movie.

let the right one in

"Let the Right One In" is a subtle horror film, except for the scene where cats realize a woman is a vampire before she does. The crudely animated felines assault her before she hurls the cats in every direction.

kung pow: enter the fist

Parody films need to walk a tight line at all times, and in this sequence, "Kung Pow" completely falls off the wire. Fighting a cow is absurd, but the scene in question takes it over the line of parody into cringe territory.

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Terrible Scenes That Nearly Destroyed The Entire Movie