movies that permanently damaged actors' bodies

jared leto
chapter 27

Jared Leto had to gain weight to play John Lennon's killer, Mark Chapman, but he put on so many extra pounds that he began to suffer from gout. He had to spend time on set in a wheelchair, and it took over a year for him to get his body back to normal.

Tom hanks
philadelphia & Cast away

Both movies required Hanks to lose a dramatic amount of weight, which may have been the cause for his eventual Type 2 diabetes.

george clooney

In the middle of shooting a torture scene, Clooney split his head open, and doctors determined that his spine was leaking fluid. He was eventually able to manage the pain, but he would never physically be the same.

jackie chan
multiple films

Because he does all his own stunts, Jackie Chan has broken, torn, and dislocated just about everything. His worst injury, however, came during "Armour of God II." He needed brain surgery and still has a steel plate in his head today.

sylvester stallone
the expendables 3

Sly has dealt with his share of on-set injuries through the entire "Rambo" and "Expendables" series, but the third entry in the latter will stay with him forever. After he fell, he needed metal placed in his back as a result of the injury.

linda hamilton
t2: judgment day

Linda Hamilton set a standard for female action heroes, but it came with a price. After forgetting to put earplugs back in after a take, a shotgun blast from Arnold Schwarzenegger inside an elevator gave her permanent hearing loss.

bruce willis
die hard

The guys' ears have it rough, too. While firing a gun, Bruce Willis placed it a bit too close to his left ear, and he can barely hear anything out of that side to this day. His daughters take advantage of this at the dinner table.

jaimie alexander
thor: the dark world

Jaimie Alexander experienced a fall that sounds more like a car wreck. She herniated a disk, dislocated a shoulder, tore a rhomboid, and chipped 11 of her vertebrae. Thankfully, physical therapy got her back on the set.

michelle yeoh
crouching tiger, hidden dragon

Michelle Yeoh thought she could power through when her leg gave out during an action sequence, but she managed to tear her ACL. Although she recovered after surgery and months of therapy, her leg isn't the same anymore. 

tom cruise
jack reacher

For all the action sequences Tom Cruise has filmed, he has a unique memory of his worst pain. After shooting a scene where he kicks another character in the groin, his foot swelled to the point that he needed to loosen his shoe.

angelina jolie

Despite practicing the rigors of Muay Thai and Krav Maga for the film, Angelina Jolie permanently scarred her face in an otherwise easy scene. During her final encounter with Liev Schreiber, a bump into a piece of the set gave her a souvenir on her head.

daniel craig

Daniel Craig has more injuries from playing Bond than some professional athletes have from their entire careers. In "Spectre" alone, he injured his knee, but when he was told it would require surgery and six months' rest, he opted to fight through it.

dylan o'brien
maze runner: the death cure

A terrible accident for Dylan O'Brien came when he was shooting a motorcycle stunt. He shattered one half of his face and also came away with severe brain trauma, but thankfully, the doctors managed to reconstruct everything.

mila kunis
black swan

Natalie Portman wasn't the only one who put herself through torture to prepare for "Black Swan." Mila Kunis limited herself to 1200 calories a day and took up heavy smoking throughout the shoot. At one point, she weighed only 95 pounds.

blake lively
the rhythm section

Blake Lively's accident on the set of "The Rhythm Section" stopped production of the film. Unfortunately, her surgery didn't fully address the injury, and she wasn't able to come back for months before filming could resume.

uma thurman
kill bill: volume 1

Uma Thurman's revelation about Quentin Tarantino's behavior on the set of the first "Kill Bill" included the director insisting she perform a dangerous stunt. The car crashed into a tree and permanently injured her neck and knees.

terry madden

Although not an actor, Terry Madden sustained injuries comparable to everything Daniel Craig endured throughout the Bond series. The assistant director's legs were crushed by a Range Rover while he was shooting, and he eventually filed a lawsuit for $3.5 million.

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Movies That Permanently Damaged Actors' Bodies