Movies You Should Never Watch With Your Partner

gone girl

If you're new to a relationship, "Gone Girl" will immediately force you to second guess what you know about your partner. For some people, it could also be a preemptive strike against a potential cheater.

sweet november

Sara has a particularly cruel way of keeping a secret. There are many things that won't make "Sweet November" a great date movie, including the impending loss of someone or wondering what the maddening secret is they're keeping from you.

magic mike

How confident are you against the images of shredded men dancing across the screen? If you can sit through nearly two hours of dancing and gyrating, you'll have survive a grueling test of self-worth.


Who is the guilty party in this one? "Unfaithful" has the potential to start a serious argument between partners over who should take the blame and whether the film's final decision was the correct one.

The good girl

Cheating is already a hot topic for couples watching a film together, but what happens when it results in a pregnancy? It makes for a very difficult talk between two romantically involved people who decide to watch this story of a broken marriage.

revolutionary road

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio reunited over a decade after "Titanic," but this is a far cry from Jack and Rose. This film can make any couple reconsider the possibility of having another child together.

a perfect murder

This one makes it hard to figure out who is the worst offender. All three characters have some degree of despicability to them, and they all make a great case for why you wouldn't want to compare their traits to your partner. 


Watching "Closer" with a romantic partner is akin to walking across eggshells sprinkled on lava. Eventually, something is going to crack and someone gets burned. This film makes the case that cheating is inevitable and easy to do.

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

Eventually, a relationship ends for one reason or another, even including death. "Eternal Sunshine" is a stark reminder that the time you have with your partner is limited and you may not want to confront that reality with them.

brokeback mountain

How well do you know your partner? "Brokeback Mountain" will break your heart in several ways, but before it reaches the end, it may raise some very uncomfortable questions about what's really going on in your partner's head.

(500) days of summer

Sometimes, a breakup doesn't involve both parties. Someone might just decide to call it quits, and the other party has no say in the matter. "(500) Days of Summer" is also a reminder that moving on can be quick for some people.

blue valentine

"Blue Valentine" makes a strong case for not trying to make things work. If you know your partner enough that you think you're made for them, you might be able to sit through this film about a relationship that's doomed from the start.

kramer vs. kramer

Divorce is never pretty, but there's a raw ugliness to "Kramer vs. Kramer" that helped it win five Academy Awards. Watching this film with a marriage partner might sway you from ever having kids if something bad should happen.

The five-year engagement

How much more of a priority is your own happiness? You might compare that question to how Tom gives up his aspirations to support Violet and wonder why everyone is surprised when they grow apart.

indecent proposal

What should be a simple transaction turns into a bitter taste in the mouths of almost everyone involved. Along with a lesson about the security of a relationship, "Indecent Proposal" is also a reminder about the dangers of gambling.

hall pass

When does boredom set in for a marriage? "Hall Pass" gives carte blanche to the guys having other partners outside of the marriage, but this goes for the wives as well. Partners watching this together may end up questioning each other about a similar arrangement.

la la land

Don't let the bright lights and romantic setting of "La La Land" fool you. Sebastian and Mia make difficult decisions about what they really want from life, and their creative endeavors are more important than romance. This could easily apply to you and a partner.

war of the roses

"War of the Roses" makes a strong case for ending things when you know it's for the best. The worst possible outcome from this film is a couple getting ideas for what to do if one partner wrongs the other.

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Movies You Should Never Watch With Your Partner