Harry Potter Fan Theories That Change Everything

muggles won a war against wizards

Why do the wizards keep their powers concealed from everyone else? There may have been a previous epic battle, and Muggles were the victors. This could explain why the Ministry of Magic needs to disclose the existence of a dragon to the British Prime Minister.

j.k. rowling's autobiography

Rita Skeeter has been theorized to be a reflection of author J.K. Rowling's own personality. Some think she did this as a kind of revenge against those who railed against her in real life.

cannibalism creates horcruxes

How are horcruxes made? Rowling says it's complicated, but her editor vomited when she revealed the process. People are now convinced it involves cannibalism, especially after Nagini's backstory is revealed in "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald."

harry is immortal

Professor Trelawney's prophecy came true, but who exactly killed whom? If you believe the idea that Voldemort murdered a fragment of Harry's soul, not Harry himself, then Harry is doomed to walk the earth for eternity, never seeing any of his loved ones again.

mary poppins is a hogwarts graduate

Disney's classic user of spells could have many secrets in that handbag. She keeps her abilities from others, sneaks a wand into an umbrella, and she uses levitation to get where she needs to go. 

dumbledore is the grim reaper

"Deathly Hallows" contains a story about three brothers, and Dumbledore can easily represent Death from the fable. He has a specific connection Harry that parallels that of the younger brother and Death, and Rowling says this is one of her favorite theories.

voldemort influenced the dursleys

Despite their lack of direct exposure to magic, the Dursleys housed Harry for nearly a decade. Voldemort's influence could easily have seeped into the family's minds.

neville wasn't a fool

Although Harry became the chosen one, Neville could have had a similar fate. Voldemort's death set Neville's family up for torture, and Neville used his father's wand for a long time.

students choose their own house

Even though the Sorting Hat has a purpose, it might just be for show. Harry insists he not be sent to Slytherin, and his friends were clearly a better fit for houses other than Gryffindor. The Sorting Hat might simply be a theatrical ritual.

The centaurs are prophets

Firenze was once taken to task by Bane for giving information to Harry. Bane warned him about their oath, an oath which gives a hint that centaurs can read the future in the stars. They may have known Harry would do battle against Voldemort years in advance.

snape had a guardian angel

How could Snape have avoided the Defense Against the Dark Arts faculty position for so long? Some think that Dumbledore purposefully kept him from the job to protect the professor. This would also help us understand why Snape gave the job to Amycus Carrow later.

trelawney was right all along

She was written off as cuckoo bananas, but Professor Trelawney foreshadowed the death of Dumbledore and the birthdate of Tom Riddle via Harry's horcrux. On the surface, she had her quirks, but she had enough insight that she wouldn't be out of place with the centaurs.

hermione breaks the fourth wall

Hermione insists on proper grammar and spoken word, but she wasn't just talking to the other characters. When she correctly explained her name's pronunciation to Viktor Krum in "Goblet of Fire," it was also J.K. Rowling's way of confirming it to readers.

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Harry Potter Fan Theories That Change Everything