Fan Theories That Make You See Movies Differently

fast and furious is dungeons and dragons

According to this theory, the entire "Fast and Furious" franchise is one big "Dungeons and Dragons" campaign. The characters are all relatively low-level when the series starts, and by the end, they can take on the world.

The witch

In "The Witch," the true villain is the harsh environment of the family's farm. They hallucinate and die due to the harsh weather, lack of food, and and the overbearing sense of guilt.

The shining

This is a wild one. "The Shining" is said to be an apology for Stanley Kubrick's participation in faking the footage of Apollo 11 landing on the moon. There are said to be many visual references to this theory spread throughout the film.


What if they weren't actually aliens? A theory proposes that the threat of "Signs" came in the form of demons. Adding to this idea is the fact that the aliens were damaged toward the end of the film by water, which could be blessed due to the daughter's birth.

mad max: fury road

Taken one way, the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse are all shown in "Fury Road." Max is Death, Immortan Joe is Pestilence, Buller Farmer is War, and the People Eater is Famine.

star wars: the phantom menace

Why is Jar Jar able to survive all of his mishaps? According to some fans, he is the most powerful Sith in the history of the series. He's also regularly seen with Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.

ferris bueller's day off

There might be more to Cameron than we ever thought. This idea proposes that Ferris is nothing more than another personality projected by Cameron, which could explain why Ferris seems to know his every move and thought.

field of dreams

This comes straight out of the "Sixth Sense" playbook. Terence Mann, already a ghost, always wanted to become a professional baseball player, and after fulfilling his life's goal, he disappears into the cornfield with the rest of the spirits.

The dark knight

Was Heath Ledger's Joker a war veteran? It would explain the physical scars, the mental disturbance, and Joker's sympathy for the soldiers who exploded with the truck during his conversation with Harvey Dent.

harry potter

Hogwarts is a delusion. This is what happens to a boy who has been abused by his foster parents for years and forced to live in a small nook under the stairs.

back to the future

Doc Brown has a death wish. This is one crazy explanation for why he nearly lets the DeLorean crash into him, with his life spared only when the time travel experiment is a success.

jurassic park

So much for life finding a way. This idea says that Dr. John Hammond never involved any dinosaur DNA in the recreation of the park's attraction, and the entire show is staged.


There have been noted cameo appearances from E.T. and Yoda in each other's films. It might not be that much of a stretch to say that they crossed paths along their respective journeys.

The rock

Sean Connery has a distinctive voice, and his character, James Mason, is a former intelligence officer who has plenty of experience with technology. A simple last name change could explain this away as a late Bond role.


In this wild interpretation of the movie, "Robocop" adapts the story of someone who died for the good of others before rising from the dead. The director of the film, Paul Verhoeven, confirmed this idea.


Deadpool loves talking to the audience, but he might remember more than other characters. According to this theory, he can recall every detail about his decapitation. For whatever reason, he's the only mutant who retains any knowledge of the events before "Days of Future Past."

ex machina

Technically, Ava is not an artificial intelligence unit. She may be capable of learning and responding, but she never displays emotion and is completely bound by the laws of robotics.


When does "Aladdin" take place? According to one idea, it's a distant postapocalyptic future, where the land is reduced to piles of sand and Agrabah taking advantage of new technology to survive.

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Fan Theories That Make You See Movies Differently