Early Roles Of Game Of Thrones Cast Members

sean bean
barbican lager

Once upon a time, Sean Bean wasn't a household name for dying. He did a British ad for Barbican Lager where he celebrates the idea of getting drunk before flying a plane. It was the '80s.

lena headey
macgyver: trail lto doomsday

Lena Headey's first role was way back when MacGyver could still carry a movie appearance. Headey is Elise Moran, and her father's death is the central conflict throughout this TV film.

jason momoa
baywatch hawaii

Jason Momoa started his trend of appearing without much clothing way back on a "Baywatch" spinoff. In this brief appearance, he even got the chance to sing on camera. He probably won't be doing any more musicals.

peter dinklage

In a completely crazy premise, Peter Dinklage plays the friend of another dwarf in Gary Oldman. Dinklage speaks with a brazen French accent that is as memorable as anything else in this movie.

charles dance
last action hero

Charles Dance nearly steals this movie away from Arnold Schwarzenegger. The lines of dialogue are the polar opposite of the subtle evil that we came to expect from the senior Lannister family member.

richard madden

You probably won't recognize the future Rob Stark as a boy who embraces his thick accent. Madden's character later beats a sexual assailant to death. It was a nice warmup for Madden years before he had to shoot the Red Wedding.

jonathan pryce
doctor who

In this special BBC production for Comic Relief, Jonathan Pryce got a one-time chance to take on the role of the Master. He got to appear on this special with Rowan Atkinson playing the Doctor. 

max von sydow
flash gordon

It definitely isn't as obscure as others on this list, but Max Von Sydow was a part of one of the iconic pieces of camp in the '80s. He appeared in "Flash Gordon" as Ming the Merciless.

iain glen
gorillas in the mist

Predating the days of "Tomb Raider" and "Resident Evil," Iain Glen popped up in "Gorillas in the Mist" as Brendan, a research assistant for Dian Fossey. He did his best to feign terror in the face of a gorilla, but it didn't work.

jerome flynn
up on the roof

Raise your hand if you thought a future "Game of Thrones" actor would start a career by covering Motown songs. Jerome Flynn did exactly that in songs like "Up on the Roof," forming a duo with Robson Green.

liam cunningham
sweety barrett

Prior to assisting Jon Snow, Liam Cunningham was a corrupt police officer who meets a pretty quick end. He was killed onscreen by Brendan Gleeson, another veteran British actor.

michael mcelhatton
spin the bottle

This is very far removed from Roose Bolton. Michael McElhatton plays a character named Rats, who must get his band back together to save his aunt from her health issues. This is a gem of a watch.

jack gleeson
batman begins

A pint-sized Jack Gleeson, credited as "Little Boy," appears in "Batman Begins" just long enough to get a parting gift from Batman. The boy also makes an appearance when Scarecrow attacks Gotham City.

emilia clarke
triassic attack

Emilia Clarke had almost no acting credentials before this SyFy Original. At least it got her ready to work with enormous reptiles.

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Early Roles Of Game Of Thrones Cast Members