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Young Sheldon
Finally Reveals
The Real Reason
Sheldon Hates
Sheldon Cooper can often be surprisingly relatable, and just like us, many of his emphatic likes and dislikes hearken back to childhood. "The Big Bang Theory" fans who watch "Young Sheldon" get even more insight into this beloved character, and many were delighted when they were finally able to make a connection as to why adult Sheldon hates geology so much.
In Season 1 Episode 15, viewers are introduced to Libby, an eleventh grader who Sheldon invites to have lunch with him and Tam. She introduces the two to geology, and it quickly becomes obvious that minerals are her passion, which also sparks Sheldon’s interest in the field and infatuation with Libby.
However, Sheldon’s infatuation is not reciprocated by Libby, who only sees Sheldon as a child and even says to his mother, "I've been babysitting kids for years." This leads Sheldon to head to his room and cry, telling Tam at the end of the episode that he's decided geology isn't a real science.