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BURBANK, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 18: Ian Armitageattends the Premiere Of Warner Bros. 100th Episode Of "Young Sheldon" at Warner Bros. Studios on March 18, 2022 in Burbank, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/FilmMagic)


Young Sheldon: 54% Of Fans Can’t Stand This Character - Looper Survey
The result of a recent Looper survey asking 6,100 people which of the five main “Young Sheldon” characters they can’t stand, resulted in a whopping 54% choosing Sheldon.
In the poll’s comment section, one respondent best summarized the consensus: "Sheldon is the character I'm least interested in, and the show's supposed to be about him.”
As “Young Sheldon” continues, fans are more invested in storylines featuring Missy, Georgie, and pretty much every other member of the Cooper clan aside from Sheldon.
Some fans also feel that Sheldon has taken a backseat in "Young Sheldon" from Season 6 onward, but they find themselves okay with the shift.
Second place in the poll went to Mary Cooper with roughly 17 percent of the overall vote, and Meemaw and George Cooper Sr. tied for third place at 10 percent each.