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Maile Flanagan's work on "Naruto" places her among voice-acting royalty, but the Emmy Award-winning actor and comedian doesn't always stay off-camera. First appearing in Season 3, Episode 9, "Frank the Plumber," Flanagan portrays a character named Connie, in a brief but memorable role.
In the episode, Frank's somewhat well-adjusted and — at this point — forcibly estranged daughter Fiona starts her first day as a temp worker in the offices of "Worldwide Cup." Fiona is quickly greeted by Flanagan's Connie, who blithely explains that her predecessor, “Maria,” left after mistaking appendicitis for period cramps.
She hilariously ends her brief rant by cautioning: "If you're having cramps on your left side and it's not your time of the month, you shouldn't ignore it or you could very well die." Throughout the series, Connie appeared six MORE times — her last appearance was in Season 4's "The Legend of Bonnie and Carl," when Fiona sought her help after being fired from Worldwide Cup.