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Spin-Off Series
1883 Will Not Be
As Limited As
We Thought
Paramount+ has ordered a limited run of episodes for an "1883" spin-off that will focus on the legendary life of Bass Reeves, America's first black deputy U.S. marshal to serve west of the Mississippi River. The offshoot will be titled "1883: The Bass Reeves Story" and will star Emmy Award-winner David Oyelowo as its titular hero.
At the time of its original announcement, the series was simply titled "Bass Reeves" and appeared entirely disconnected from the "Yellowstone" franchise. However, it would seem that Paramount is keen on capitalizing on the success of one of its most popular properties.
In a recent interview, Oyelowo spoke about playing the iconic lawman, saying he was immersing himself fully in the Western lifestyle. Oyelowo explained. "I am about to get deep into the world of horse-riding," he said. "I do ride, but [Reeves] was at a completely other level. It's going to be a lot of fun. The guns, the horses ... I'm gonna be a kid in a candy store."