Season 4



The vast majority of “Yellowstone’s” Season 4 does play out like a succession of Wild West meets modern TV trope vignettes but its season finale represents a return to the series roots. It not only highlights the tension between progress and conservation but it reminds viewers about the psychology that drives the remaining Dutton children and their larger-than-life father.
When it comes to the show's most compelling character Beth Dutton, the series finale finally gives viewers a glimpse into the tragedy that drives her. The finale's repeated spotlighting of Beth's psychological wounds could mean a return to the nuanced character that so compels audiences in previous seasons.
All About Beth
One of the most compelling storylines in “Yellowstone” is the generational divergence between John and Jamie Dutton. In the season finale, their irreconcilable differences become clearly defined when John believes justice takes precedence over legality and Jamie believes the law wins out over any one individual's understanding of justice.
John and Jamie Dutton
Just when it looks as though Jamie might wriggle out from underneath the Dutton's thumb, he's pulled back under. Of course, it's unlikely he would ever fully betray them — even without Beth having this leverage — since Jamie's main problem (much like Beth) is that he lives for the approval of John.
Poor Jamie
Season 4's finale may not have an explosive cliffhanger like Season 3, but it leaves viewers with plenty of questions, especially about the Dutton family’s most redeemable character Kayce. Audiences are left to wonder what exactly Kayce sees after reliving his time as a soldier and denying the first two "temptations" from his vision on the mountain.
Questions About Kayce
Jimmy and Lloyd’s mentor and mentee relationship is arguably the embodiment of “Yellowstone’s” main conflict. Jimmy's decision to leave the ranch shows him leaving behind a life that's imprisoned Lloyd for years, and although Lloyd’s happy that Jimmy has been able to find happiness, it's a reminder that for him, that ship has sailed.
Jimmy and Lloyd