Yellowstone co-creator Taylor Sheridan


Yellowstone: How Much Did Paramount Pay Taylor Sheridan To Film On His Ranch?
In addition to getting paid for his work on “Yellowstone,” co-creator Taylor Sheridan was also handsomely reimbursed for the production’s use of his personal ranch.
Sheridan has an extensive background in the rancher lifestyle and the perfect 266,000-acre 152-year-old ranch to rent out to the show for multiple uses.
The Wall Street Journal reported that Sheridan charged Paramount $50,000 weekly to shoot the titles that make up the “Yellowstone” franchise on the property worth $341 million.
He also conducted a rigorous training regiment called “Cowboy Camp” that would cost up to $214,979.61 for a week-long session.
Part of that price tag included $33,000 for catering, and each horse rental cost $2,000. Given the show's success, it seems safe to assume these expenses were worthwhile.