Sign entering Denali Borough, Alaska. (Photo by: Edwin Remsburg/VW Pics via Getty Images)
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Season 2 - What
We Know So Far
The BBC Two reality show "Win the Wilderness," which was later picked up for streaming by Netflix, is the kind of program where everything that happened around its production is almost as compelling as what was filmed. The show saw couples competing for a house in the wilderness of Alaska, but after the season ended, the owner changed his mind. Now, fans are wondering if there will be a Season 2.

The ongoing turmoil from the first season makes it hard to say when Season 2 might be available to watch. One possible obstacle to producing a new "Win the Wilderness" season is its international premise, so fans will just have to wait for the official word that a new season is underway.

Release Date?

It is difficult to guess who the future contestants might be, but fans can get an idea of what to expect by looking at the established format. If "Win the WIlderness" gears up for a second season, the show's future candidates will likely share some of the same interests as the first.


Viewers can expect Season 2's challenges to reflect the season's environment. If the following season takes a cue from "Survivor," the show could be set on an island or in the desert, requiring some very different survival skills from contestants.

The Challenges