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'70s Show Scenes
“That ‘70s Show” has many amazing, hilarious moments, and not only do fans have their favorite scenes from each season, but each member of the show's cast does as well. Wilmer Valderrama, who played Fez in the comedy series, favors certain scenes from the show for a sweet and personal reason.
Valderrama believes scenes that include the whole “That ‘70s Show” gang are the best scenes. Whether Eric, Donna, Hyde, Kelso, Fez, and Jackie are hanging out in Eric’s basement or somewhere else, Valderrama says that when the whole friend group is together, the “chemistry is so much fun to explore.”
As for other stars of the show, Topher Grace, who played Eric, agrees with Valderrama, while Danny Masterson, who played Hyde, prefers intimate scenes with only two characters. Regardless of one's opinion, many of the show's most iconic moments happened when all of the high school friends were chilling in Eric Forman’s basement.