Will Poulter's Transformation For Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 Was Grueling

“Guardians of the Galaxy” fans have been excited to see Will Poulter’s Adam Warlock in “Vol. 3” ever since the character was teased in the post-credits of “Vol. 2.” Poulter recently sat down for an interview where he revealed the grueling regimen he was on to get in shape to play
the “perfect human” Warlock.
Poulter revealed that his diet and exercise routine is so rigid that he has had little time to socialize outside of preparing and filming for the movie. While he didn’t go into details of the various diets he’s been on, Poulter did note that he went through periods of eating large amounts of food and then periods of cutting back.
In the interview, Poulter made sure to note that he would not recommend anyone to follow his grueling regimen, stating that one’s “mental and physical health has to be number one.” He also made a point to mention that a major film studio is paying for the nutrition and physical training, and that the goal for his movie physique is not realistic or healthy.