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George Lopez
George Lopez got his start in the industry by performing stand-up sets on comedy shows like “Comedy Club” and “The Arsenio Hall Show.” Lopez was eventually approached by Sandra Bullock, who asked him to star in his own show and bring Hispanic representation to TV.
Started In Stand-Up
Lopez wanted “George Lopez” to help other Hispanic actors get representation in projects that weren’t strictly about Latinx culture. He didn't want any negative stereotypes associated with the family and instead simply strove to portray a real Hispanic family dealing with real struggles and comedic moments.
Win For Hispanic Actors
“George Lopez” was canceled very suddenly in 2007 when ABC claimed they no longer had the funding for the show. Two first-year comedies were renewed the same year “George Lopez” ended, and Lopez felt ABC canceled his show in favor of pushing more white-centric media.
Called Out ABC
Having played himself for so long, it was hard for Lopez to find roles that allowed him to be someone different. Most other acting jobs he had made Lopez feel like he was still playing a version of himself, and he struggled to find characters that were separate from his own identity
Lack Of Jobs
Lopez suffers from a chronic kidney disease that causes high blood pressure, fatigue, and intense pain, which requires him to make regular visits to the doctor. Lopez had a kidney transplant in 2004 and created the George Lopez Foundation after the surgery to get the word out about kidney disease and organ donation.
Health Issues