Why You Rarely Hear About Hayden Panettiere Anymore


Hayden Panettiere was the breakout star of NBC’s “Heroes” as cheerleader Claire Bennet. The series enjoyed high ratings and critical acclaim during its first season, but the story quality and ratings fell as the show went on until it was canceled on a low note after four seasons.

Heroes' Ratings

After playing a cheerleader in “Heroes,” she was again cast as a cheerleader in “Bring It On: All or Nothing” and then again in “I Love You, Beth Cooper.” While she knew she was getting typecast, it wasn’t until years later that she got her chance to try something new as a country singer in “Nashville.”


In 2008, Panettiere began working on an album and released a single called “Wake Up Call,” but she wasn’t satisfied with the music she felt her label was forcing her to sing. The album was shelved, but she channeled this experience in “Nashville” as Juliette Barnes went through the same thing.

Music Career

After giving birth to her daughter Kaya in 2014, Panettiere struggled with postpartum depression. She has sought treatment multiple times and has spoken openly about her struggles so that other new moms know that they are not alone.

Postpartum Depression

After Panettiere’s separation from Kaya’s father, Wladimir Klitschko, their daughter now lives with him in Ukraine. She visits Kaya when she can and FaceTime calls when she can’t, so trying to co-parent from across the ocean and maintain her career has been a challenge.