Why Yellowstone's Spin-Off Series 6666 Has Fans Scratching Their Head


The "Yellowstone'' universe is quickly expanding, as there are now two different spin-offs related to the Western drama — “1883” and “6666,” the latter of which is currently in development. "6666" will take place in the present day at the real-life 6666 Ranch in Texas, which fans got a taste of in Season 4.

The exact plot of "6666" has yet to be released, but the teaser synopsis has a strong focus on the ranch itself, implying that the day-to-day operations may be at the center of the show. No official casting has been announced, but considering how things went down in Season 4, fans can expect Jimmy (Jefferson White) to play a significant role.

Some longtime "Yellowstone" fans are struggling to find the "hook" of “6666,” with one calling it "all the stuff about Yellowstone no one loves …" Some are chalking the show’s existence up to Taylor Sheridan owning the real ranch, but there are still a few who hope the day-to-day aspect of the show will be interesting.

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