Why Tom Holland's First Spider-Man Audition Made A Stuntman Cry


While Spider-Man's trademark movements can be created with CGI, one quality that has separated Tom Holland from the past performers is his ability to move just like the titular character. Marvel stuntman James Young recently opened up about watching Holland's audition for the first time.

Young explained in a recent interview, that although he was on hand to perform Spider-Man's now-iconic entrance during the audition, Holland asked to do it himself. He stated, “Tom Holland proceeds to skip and throw the most perfect side flip [...] Lands on his mark, goes ‘Hey Cap, how you doing?’"

Holland’s choice amazed the executives, the creatives, and Young himself. He adds that there was an emotional atmosphere in the room because of how well the audition went, saying "All you heard was jaws... I got goosebumps and tears in my eyes. This kid just came in, and that's Peter Parker."