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Why Todoroki
From My Hero
Academia Sounds
So Familiar
Throughout "My Hero Academia," Shoto Todoroki is one of Midoriya's closest and most powerful peers. Some fans of the English dub may recognize Todoroki's voice actor, David Matranga, whose credits span decades of work on dozens of anime series.
Some of Matranga's most notable performances include Tomoya Okazaki, in the animated film and TV adaptations of "Clannad” and the sequel titled "Clannad: After Story," Hideki Hinata on "Angel Beats!," and the character Wave on "Akame ga Kill!" He also played Bertholdt on Seasons 1 thru 4 of "Attack on Titan" and as a Matagi hunter named Genjiro Tanigaki in "Golden Kamuy."
With, all these works under his belt it is easy to understand why his voice stands out in "My Hero Academia." His performances can be viewed on Toonami or any streaming service that provides the English dub for "My Hero Academia,” or the other aforementioned titles. To learn more about the roles Matranga has played click the 'read full story' link below.