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Why The
Simpsons' Season
1 Finale Used To
Scare Little Kids
"The Simpsons" and "scary" mix together as well as oil and water — that's the case for any episode other than the "Treehouse of Horror" specials. However, the Season 1 finale, "Some Enchanted Evening" used to scare little kids, and for good reason, as it depicts the worst thing that can happen to a child when their parents go out for the night.
The episode sees Homer trying to make up for his bad behavior toward Marge by taking her out for dinner, but the babysitter he hires to watch Bart, Lisa, and Maggie turns out to be a serial burglar named Lucille Botzkowski. The kids are promptly tied up so Botzkowski can rob the house — a terrifying prospect for any child.
On Reddit, fans reminisced about the episode, with poster u/Hyperfangxz writing, "Did this episode TERRIFY anyone else when they were a kid?? It still creeps me out.” "Yes!" replied u/Abisoccer1. "I remember telling myself that this couldn't happen to me because I had older sisters to babysit me... I had to comfort myself by rationalizing."
Despite the fact that it is the season finale, "Some Enchanted Evening" was actually the very first episode of "The Simpsons" to be produced. However, a horrible workprint of the episode meant that the animators needed to redo a shocking 70% of it before it aired, and the original episode was so bad that producers almost pulled the plug on the entire series.