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Why The
Simpsons Movie
Took 20 Years To
Finally Get Made
Though it's not necessarily regarded as the greatest piece of "Simpsons" media out there, "The Simpsons Movie" did well financially and critically. It also thrust the property back into the mainstream in a way that the TV show hadn't done in some time, however, this left a lot of fans wondering, “why did it take so long?”
"The Simpsons" had long been slated for a big-screen adaptation, but it took a long time to figure out where the story needed to go. There were a number of concepts tossed around, including a feature-length version of Season 4's "Kamp Krusty," an adapted version of Disney's "Fantasia," and a collection of "Treehouse of Horror" stories.
In 2001, a plot had begun to take shape, with the original cast officially signed on, and by 2003, Matt Groening and his writing team started to develop the story. According to Groening, they were dedicated to delivering something unique for fans for its release in 2007, and in the end the film was worth the wait.