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Why The Rocky
Reference In
Cobra Kai Season
5 Means More
Than You Think
In one scene in season 5 of “Cobra Kai,” enforcer of eighties nostalgia, Johnny Lawrence, uses “Rocky IV” as a point of reference. The mention of Sylvester Stallone's iconic alter-ego goes back to the beginning of "The Karate Kid."
"The Karate Kid" and "Rocky" changed cinema forever with iconic underdog stories, which was due to the directorial efforts of John G. Avildsen, who helmed both films. The similarities didn't end there, though, as one of the most iconic parts of "Rocky III" can be heard later in this season of "Cobra Kai."
As Terry Silver nurses a glass of whisky and smirks over his plans for the future, Survivor’s legendary 1980s jam, "Eye of the Tiger," kicks in. It’s an audible wink from the creators, given the connection the song has to not just the "Rocky" series but "The Karate Kid" as well, as Survivor performed "The Moment of Truth” for the 1984 film.