Why The Bubble Isn't Getting The Reaction Netflix Hoped For


The latest Netflix film to grace the "New Releases" column is Judd Apatow’s “The Bubble,” and it boasts a star-studded cast that includes Leslie Mann, Karen Gillan, and Iris Apatow. It certainly has all the right ingredients for success, but it hasn’t really caught on with Netflix subscribers since its release.

Many viewers turn to Rotten Tomatoes before watching a new movie, because it’s a good way to see what critics are saying about new releases. "The Bubble" currently stands at 24% on the Tomatometer from critics, with the consensus from the site being, "Meandering and mostly unfunny.”

Those sentiments can be seen throughout many critics' reviews, as many of them believed that everything “The Bubble” has to say about both the pandemic and show business has been done better before. It’s probably not the reaction Netflix hoped for with its massive comedy, and — hopefully — future endeavors fare better.