HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 26:     Sarah Paulson, Leslie Grossman and Billie Lourd attend FX's "American Horror Story" 100th Episode Celebration at Hollywood Forever on October 26, 2019 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage)
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Why Some
Long-Time Fans
Stopped Watching American Horror Story
"American Horror Story" has been on the air for a decade and has historically drawn solid critical feedback. However, the longer a show is on, the more chances people have to gripe, and recently fans of “AHS” are taking to Reddit to express their reasons for jumping off the show's bandwagon.
One Redditor posted, “ I mean I enjoyed the first seasons but after a while, some episodes got boring to me." Another Redditor added that Season 3’s Coven was when they stopped watching saying, "It has some positive parts like Madam Lalaurie, but most of it seemed like it was a show for a different crowd."
Most users seemed to be in general agreement that the show is now a shadow of its former self. The most common complaint was that the writing is a mess, the seasons are too long, and the show tries to do too much with increasingly shaky plots.