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Why Some Fans Of
The Blacklist Are
Comparing It To
Dexter And GoT
Since its beginning, "The Blacklist" has devised a compelling show on a foundation of questions. However, now that the show is in its tenth season and many of these questions have yet to be resolved, fans have taken to Reddit to discuss the glaring similarity between “The Blacklist” and other long-running shows such as "Dexter" and "Game of Thrones."
Fans on Reddit were unimpressed by the fact there is no foreseeable end to the long-running series. "The fact that there's no final season announced means [...] the show will only continue to get worse," posted u/Death-0. They went on to say: "So once fans start to drop off like myself they will quickly throw together some ending that is satisfying to no one. It's “Dexter” and “Game of Thrones” all over again."
The divisive "Game of Thrones" sent a shockwave of disappointment felt by fans and critics alike while “Dexter” similarly had an unsatisfying conclusion before managing to disappoint fans a second time when it returned to Showtime as a limited series. Much like the aforementioned shows, a great deal of fans seem to agree, on Reddit at least, that "The Blacklist" has unequivocally jumped the shark.