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Why Some Fans
Believe Agent
Stahl Was The
Best Sons Of
Anarchy Villain
"Sons of Anarchy" is a show that has no shortage of villains, and there are many contenders for who is the best “Son Of Anarchy” villain, like ATF agent Josh Kohn and Assistant U.S. Attorney Lincoln Potter. However, some fans are making an argument that Ally Walker's ATF agent June Stahl is the best "Sons of Anarchy" villain.
In a Reddit discussion, a fan considered the cunning and ruthless agent the best villain the show has ever seen, quoting her relatively low ranking within her agency, which they said makes Stahl an appropriate villain for the protagonists. Other fans agreed, saying, "I agree with Stahl–charming, completely ruthless, no redeeming qualities, and more sociopathic than anyone else.”
Fans on Twitter have concurred with the sentiment that Agent Stahl is a stellar villain of the love-to-hate-her variety and shower the character’s antagonism with high praise. What's more, the villain's memorable death scene is a significant moment in the entire "Sons of Anarchy" timeline, and some think it’s a watershed moment considering Stahl is the absolute worst the show has to offer.