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Why So Many
Jackass Stunts
Have To Be Done
More Than Once
The “Jackass” series and movies have combined people hurting themselves and gross-out humor since 2000. You’d think that with how dangerous and painful the work can be, the “Jackass” cast would limit themselves to performing their stunts only once, but there’s actually a frustrating technical reason as to why they usually do them many times.
getting excellent footage is essential, so it’s common for the cast to perform vicious or gnarly stunts again to make sure the material is solid or improve the scene. In an interview with Jake’s Takes, “Jackass” star Steve-O explains, “The thing is, they always get it just fine [...] But in the director’s mind, maybe next time it will be even better.”
However, series director Jeff Tremaine explains that it’s not always easy to ask the cast to do some stunts again, such as Johnny Knoxville’s death-defying Magic Trick Bull bit in “Jackass Forever.” Although the toughest scenes to film involve bulls, the cast seems to work with them frequently as they make for some incredible footage.