Why Schafer From Ozark Season 4 Looks So Familiar


The Waltons

Bruce Davison currently plays Senator Randall Schafer on "Ozark," but he has been acting since the ‘60s. Fans of “The Waltons” will remember him as Bob Hill, a city slicker who is engaged to a family friend.


Davison also lent his acting talents to the 1984 version of the NBC alien invasion show "V," where he played John Langley. John quickly became a resistance hero, before it was revealed he was actually a Visitor spy.


On "Seinfeld," Davison played Wyck Thayer, the chairman of the Susan Ross Foundation, a charity set up in the aftermath of George’s fiancée's sudden death. Wyck appeared on three episodes of Season 8, and he was always happy to see George embarrass himself.


"X-Men" fans will recognize Davison as Senator Robert Kelly, who publicly debated the Mutant Registration Act with Jean Grey at the beginning of the first film. After his death, Mystique assumes his identity and champions mutant rights, and Davison briefly reprises his role in the sequel.


Davison made two appearances in ABC's "Lost," where he played therapist Dr. Douglas Brooks — once in flashback and once in the flash-sideways universe. Brooks' therapy is largely successful in helping Hurley tackle a number of different mental health issues.

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