Why Sarah Paulson Might Not Be Done With American Horror Story Just Yet


It’s hard to imagine Ryan Murphy’s “American Horror Story” without the shape-shifting Sarah Paulson, who has been a staple of the horror anthology series for 9 out of the 10 seasons. However, she broke the hearts of “AHS” fans last year she when she announced that season 10 will likely be her last.

However, when Paulson appeared on Evan Ross Katz’s podcast “Shut Up Evan,” she admitted that she could never truly say no to an “American Horror Story” return. Paulson added that whenever Murphy gets a new idea, it gets her excited, and she will forever be grateful to the series for breaking her into mainstream stardom.

A major part of "AHS'" appeal is its ensemble cast's ability to portray such a wide range of characters every season. Paulson has even played several characters in a single season, so viewers can never count her out for an “AHS” return.

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