Why Parker
Schnabel Calls
His Gold Rush
Over the years, “Gold Rush” star Parker Schnabel has retrieved millions of dollars worth of gold out of the earth, vastly enhancing his net worth. However, he remains pragmatic about the future and admits there is a significant problem that will not only impact him but affect the entire industry.
While answering fans' questions about his life and "Gold Rush," Schnabel said that the biggest problem gold mining faces as an industry is that there are only so many ounces of gold in the ground, making it somewhat of a battle royale. As a result, every mining crew essentially worsens its own prospects with each passing year.
He concluded by calling the entire mining model "unsustainable," and if anyone would have insight into that concept, it'd be him. Hopefully, he makes enough money while the going's good to have a nice nest egg for himself and his family.