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The One Chicago television universe isn't Elias Koteas' first experience with a gritty urban multimedia franchise. To a certain audience, the man will always be legendary for his portrayal of Casey Jones in the 1990 live-action "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" movie.
In 1998, Koteas appeared as Captain James Staros in Terrence Malick's poignant war drama "The Thin Red Line." Captain Staros is a man who's arguably too good for war, and the responsibility he feels for the safety of his men has come to outgrow his sense of duty to the mission or his superiors.
The Thin Red Line
In 2010, Koteas had a part in Martin Scorsese's psychological mystery "Shutter Island" as Andrew Laeddis, whose presence on the island supposedly lures Teddy Daniels into taking the case that sparks the film's mystery. The role was small, but it’s hard to forget Laeddis’ striking appearance.
Shutter Island
The same year that Elias Koteas played a nightmarish vision of a name for Scorsese, he also starred as a prosaic police detective for Matt Reeves in his youthful vampire romance "Let Me In." Throughout the film, his character unravels the truth behind a series of murders in New Mexico.
Let Me In
In 2013, Koteas joined another Nordic thriller remake, coming aboard AMC's "The Killing" for its third season. He plays James Skinner, the head of the Seattle Police Department's Special Investigations Unit and the former partner — and lover — of series protagonist Sarah Linden.
The Killing