BURBANK, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 18: Annie Potts attends the premiere of Warner Bros. 100th episode of 'Young Sheldon' at Warner Bros. Studios on March 18, 2022 in Burbank, California. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/WireImage)
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Why Meemaw In
Young Sheldon
Looks So Familiar
“Young Sheldon’s” Meemaw is portrayed by actress Annie Potts who is best known for playing Janine Melnitz, the hypercompetent secretary in “Ghostbusters.” Her performance as the ensemble every-woman was pitch perfect and provided a highly effective comedic foil to the madcap energy of the film's star comics.


As Mary Jo Shively, Potts starred in “Designing Women” for all seven seasons. Mary Jo is the brain of the team and often has trouble keeping her sharp wit and propensity for dry rejoinders from causing trouble with acquaintances.

Designing Women

In ​​"Pretty in Pink,” Potts played Iona, the manager of the record store where protagonist Andie Walsh works part-time. A veritable style icon who rocked some of the most memorable onscreen fits of the decade, Iona also fulfills the role of Andie's wise, clear-eyed mentor, in her own scene-stealing way.

Pretty in Pink

Potts's role in the '90s was that of Mary Elizabeth "M.E." Sims on the groundbreaking Lifetime drama "Any Day Now." Following childhood best friends as they reconnect after decades apart, the show flashed back to the two women's time growing up together in 1960s Alabama.

Any Day Now

Potts played mother-in-law Helen to Dr. Natalie Manning, providing support and understanding. As a mother going through her own grief process, Helen did what she could so she and Natalie could cope with the reality of their loss.

Chicago Med