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Why Lizzy From
So Familiar
Jurnee Smollett appeared as Jessi Merriweather for 26 episodes in the 2000s sports drama “Friday Night Lights.” Merriweather was the football-loving love interest of Michael B. Jordan and back in 2010, she told GQ that she loved playing the character because she didn’t fit in her own skin.
Friday Night Lights
Smollett shows up in Season 6 of HBO’s “True Blood” as Nicole Wright, a human with comprehensive knowledge of the supernatural and a mission to protect it. The character, who plays the role of an activist for vampires, comes across as naïve and optimistic, often getting herself into perilous situations.
True Blood
On WGN America’s “Underground,” Smollet appears as Rosalee, a shy and reserved house slave who catches the eye of lead character Noah, as he plans his escape with the help of a talented group of conspirators. The series eventually sees strong-willed Rosalee work with Harriet Tubman.
In “Birds Of Prey” Smollett plays Dinah Lance aka Black Canary, a strong martial artist, and singer who, at the start of the film, works for the crime lord Black Mask. Lance has also inherited a powerful ability from her deceased mother — a sonic scream — that proves handy during the conflicts of the film.
Birds Of Prey
In another hit HBO show, “Lovecraft Country,” Smollett portrays Leti Lewis, a daring and politically active woman who faces racism and misogyny in 1950s America, all while facing creatures, ghosts, and monsters. She received her first Emmy nomination for her performance in the series.
Lovecraft Country