Why Laris From Star Trek: Picard Looks So Familiar


Though she's currently a famous TV star, Orla Brady has been acting for far longer than her IMDb makes it seem. Her first credit on the site is in 1991 when Brady was already 30-years-old, in the TV series "So You Think You've Got Trouble" and before that, she worked in various theatre productions in Ireland, England, and France.

Busy Start

The British series "Mistresses" was not Brady's first long-term stint on a TV series but it is one of her most significant. It is the first time she served as the main character in a series that lasted multiple seasons.


Brady also dipped her toe into the realm of TV science fiction when she appeared as a regular in the JJ Abrams' 2010 creation, "Fringe." The show gave Brady the chance to play two versions of the same character — in this case, Elizabeth Bishop, the wife of mad fringe scientist Walter Bishop — from two different timelines.


“Doctor Who’s” 2013 Christmas special episode, "The Time of the Doctor" was a monumental moment in the franchise and at the center of all the intergalactic mess was Brady as Tasha Lem. Despite only appearing in one episode, Tasha proved an enigmatic figure with a deep history with the Eleventh Doctor.

Doctor Who

Brady's next major role came in the post-apocalyptic AMC drama, "Into the Badlands" where she played Lydia, the first wife of the Baron and one of his best allies and advisors. Unfortunately, "Into the Badlands" only ran for three seasons before being canceled.

Into The Badlands

In 2019, the world's favorite horror anthology show, "American Horror Story," took advantage of Brady's old TARDIS-hopping days to rewind its setting to the ancient times of 1984. On the hit show, Brady played Dr. Katherine Hopple, a mild-mannered Chief of Psychiatry who proved to be a memorable and ruthless villain.

American Horror Story