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Why Jimmy Asked
The Time Machine
Question In Better
Call Saul's Finale

THIS STORY CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR the "Better Call Saul" finale.


The series finale of "Better Call Saul" was appropriately titled "Saul Gone," and the meaning can be understood as both the letting go of a façade and an acceptance of a path to redemption. However, in true "Better Call Saul" fashion, the episode was also filled with symbolism, and the mention of a time machine provided the gateway to unlocking hidden meanings of regret.
In a flashback, Saul asks Mike what date he would travel back to if he had a time machine, and Mike eventually lands on the day he took his first bribe and started becoming a dirty cop himself in 1984, indicating regret. The next flashback between Walter White and Saul in Ed Galbraith’s vacuum shop also highlights regret, as it points to Saul’s hand in aiding him towards destruction.
Finally, the final flashback between Jimmy and his older brother Chuck McGill allows the viewer to interpret Jimmy's volatile and unresolved relationship with his brother as his biggest regret. We expect Jimmy to ask Kim the same question when she visits him in prison, but he doesn’t as he wouldn’t change anything about their relationship.