Why Jack Reacher From Amazon's Reacher Looks So Familiar


American Idol

Fans of Amazon’s hit series “Reacher” may be wondering why the actor playing the titular action hero looks familiar, and it’s because actor Alan Ritchson has a solid resume in the action and comedy genres. Before he broke into the world of acting, his first on-screen appearance was on "American Idol" as a contestant in 2004.


One of the first roles major roles that Alan Ritchson landed was that of Arthur "AC" Curry in "Smallville." The popularity of the Aquaman character on "Smallville" eventually led to a pilot, but Ritchson was recast and the pilot was never picked up.

Blue Mountain State

Ritchson bounced back when he was cast as Thad Castle in the Spike TV comedy series "Blue Mountain State." Though initially pitched as a soft antagonist who bullied and hazed his teammates, Thad eventually became the co-lead of the series in the show's second and third seasons.


Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss may have been the focus of the “Hunger Games” franchise, but there were plenty of other characters who stood out, like the talented tribute from District 1, Gloss. The knife-throwing specialist, who battled Katniss Everdeen in “Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” was played convincingly by Ritchson.


The "Smallville" iteration of Aquaman is not the only DC hero that Alan Ritchson has portrayed in his career. He took on the role of Hank Hall, a.k.a Hawk, in the series "Titans," which he has reprised in various other DC projects.

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