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Why House Of The
Dragon's Otto
Hightower May Be
More Dangerous
After Episode 4
Even though Otto Hightower got himself in hot water with King Viserys in Episode 4 of “House of the Dragon,” his schemes toward the Iron Throne are still very much in play. And there is one very good reason Viserys and his allies should watch out for Otto Hightower.
Throughout the series thus far, Otto has shown himself to be a shrewd operator, like Peter Baelish and Tywin Lannister in “Game Of Thrones.” What he does next remains to be seen, but now that he's no longer Hand of the King, he may return to Oldtown to rally the troops that he apparently has there.
This will likely mean that “House Of The Dragon” fans will get to see a brand new location in Oldtown which was seen briefly in “Game Of Thrones.” Viewers will also find out the type of alliances Otto has formed in Oldtown and his capabilities of working from the shadows to achieve his political ambitions.