Why Hollywood Won't Cast These Former Stars Of The Office Anymore


Kinsey's post “Office” shows have not fared well and it seems poor ratings and critical ire have put a damper on her casting prospects. She has instead been focusing on co-hosting a podcast with her former co-star Jenna Fischer titled "Office Ladies" and a YouTube cooking show with her husband.

Angela Kinsey

Lieberstein has stayed almost completely away from performing aside from making the occasional guest appearance. Preferring to stay behind the camera, he has focused on writing and producing shows like “Space Force” and has even expanded his talents to directing films.

Paul Lieberstein

Baumgartner hasn’t had a follow-up series like many of his co-stars, only making guest appearances on shows such as "The Goldbergs" and "Chicago Fire.” He has found a second life hosting his podcast "An Oral History of The Office," and is a spokesperson for a marketing campaign by "Got Milk?"

Brian Baumgartner

Baker has had some small roles in TV and film but hasn’t managed to secure a lead role. He’s developing an "Office" spin-off titled "Uncle Stan,” which would follow Stanley as he helps his widowed nephew in LA; there's no word yet on whether or not the series has been picked up.

Leslie David Baker

Bratton doesn’t appear much on camera anymore, but the hit series did help reignite his music career. While Bratton has made cameo appearances on other shows, such as Greg Daniels' "Upload," his focus is now on his music, releasing a solo album, "Slightly Altered," in 2020.

Creed Bratton