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Alyson Hannigan
It’s hard to think of an Alyson Hannigan movie not named after a patriotic dessert. While many people were introduced to her as the notorious Michelle in “American Pie,” she's mostly known for being one of the main cast in two highly popular television shows, “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” and “How I Met Your Mother.”
Not A Movie Star
Most of her prominent roles have been comedic, but she hasn't played any popular serious roles post “Buffy.” Hollywood seems incapable of acknowledging or allowing her to show her range.
After the divisive series finale of “How I Met Your Mother” Hannigan didn’t hold back her feelings. She wished they'd done a two-hour finale, so they could have included many "vital" cut scenes which she thought were "all this stuff that I think the audience needed."
After “How I Met Your Mother” Hannigan was ready to take a break but found the script for “More Time With The Family” hard to pass up. Unfortunately, for Hannigan CBS’ didn’t pick up the sitcom which must have come as a huge disappointment to her.
Her recent castings in “Pure,” “You Might Be the Killer,” and the live-action adaptation of “Kim Possible” prove that Hannigan's star is still on the rise. While her workload might have slowed down a bit from the old days of dominating TV with so many long-running shows, she's still keeping herself quite busy these days.
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