Why Frank Fritz From American Pickers Was Once Sued By An Auctioneer


Since 2009, "American Pickers" has been a welcome constant on History's programming schedule, but Frank Fritz was recently let go from the show. The internet has gone into detective mode trying to figure out the reason, and the possibilities range from relationship drama to rehab.

This isn’t the first controversy involving Fritz, as an antique collector took him to court in 2014. Auctioneer Jerry Bruce purchased a polarimeter — used to measure sugar content in alcohol — from Frank Fritz after seeing it on “Pickers,” but Fritz never cashed the check or sent him the item.

Fritz never responded to the pleading or made any public statement, and Bruce was awarded $1,000, plus $80 in court fees. For Bruce, it was never about the money, but simply the “principle,” as he insisted that “a handshake’s a handshake.”

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