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Why Did Juan
Williams Leave
The Five?
One face most fans or even casual viewers of “The Five” will likely remember is Juan Williams, who is no longer on the show. Despite being the lone liberal voice among the gaggle of Republicans and libertarians, Williams had been on the show since its 2011 premiere, so what made one of the seemingly defining voices of the debate program leave?
After years with "The Five," Williams ultimately decided to part ways due to the virus that disrupted all of our lives in one way or another: COVID-19. In May 2021, Williams announced to viewers that he would be leaving after a decade with the daytime talk show.
"It's time now for One More Thing, and I have an announcement. This is my last day hosting 'The Five.' COVID taught me a lot of lessons. As the show goes back to the New York studio, I'll be staying in D.C.," he said. Williams thanked viewers of "The Five" for the popularity of the show before leaving, and his seat has been filled by various commentators, including Geraldo Rivera.