Adelaide, Australia - December 02, 2015: A photo of a Shaggy Action Figure from the Scooby Doo Cartoon series, isolated on a white background. Scooby Doo is a popular animated television series.
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Why Coco Diablo
From Trick Or
Treat Scooby
Doo! Sounds So
"Trick or Treat Scooby-Doo!" sees the Scooby-Doo gang’s Halloween plans thwarted by ghost-like doppelgangers, and the special grabbed fans' attention by having Velma fall for a female love interest, villain Coco Diablo. Coco's relationship with Velma got a positive reception, leading many fans to wonder about Coco’s voice actress Myrna Velasco’s resume.
Velasco’s first major franchise-focused voice acting gig was as CJ on Disney Channel's "Descendants: Wicked World," an animated spin-off based on the "Descendants" film series. CJ is the daughter of Captain Hook, and the character received her own spin-off book, titled "School of Secrets: CJ's Treasure Chase."
Disney Descendants
After “Wicked World,” Velasco voiced Jessica Cruz, the Green Lantern in the animated series "DC Super Hero Girls.” Velasco stated that working with veteran voice actors on the series helped her to develop her skills, and stated that playing Cruz now “feels like a really comfy pair of sweatpants."
DC Super Hero Girls
Perhaps the most recognizable IP on Velasco’s CV is “Star Wars,” as she played Torra Doza on “Star Wars Resistance.” "Resistance" has been highly praised for expanding the "Star Wars" sequel trilogy's lore, and Doza is best remembered for her role in the battle to protect Colossus and her membership on the Ace Squadrons team.
Star Wars Resistance
"Madagascar" is one of DreamWorks' most popular franchises, having grossed over $1.8 billion at the box office, and Velasco is featured in the small-screen series "Madagascar: A Little Wild” as Lucia the sloth. Velasco described the series as "super wholesome" and called the charming and excitable Lucia one of her favorite characters.
Madagascar: A Little Wild